COVID-19 Protection Concept

To ensure safe attendance at #SUD21, we’ll implement the following protection measures:

  • All attendees need a negative COVID-19 test result to enter the event location. According to the BAG, it has not yet been clarified whether vaccinated persons can pass on viruses to unvaccinated or recovered persons without falling ill themselves.
  • During the event, everyone has to wear masks, except when eating, drinking, or being outside.
  • At the event location, Kursaal in Bern, we provide disinfection gel. The staff ventilates rooms and disinfects door handles regularly.

That’s how we execute the measurements:

  • A few days before the event, all attendees will receive:
    • a COVID-19 self-test, “how to” info, a QR sticker, and a declaration of consent.
  • The attendees test themselves within 24 hours before the event starts. They stick the QR code sticker to the test and scan the test result with the app. To the event, they bring their smartphone with the app and the test result on it, or the Swiss Corona Certificate of a PCR test not older than 72 hours, the signed declaration of consent and their ID.
  • The body temperatures of all participants will be checked at the entrance.
  • Medical staff will test those who can‘t show the negative test result on the app during the check-in at the venue. Should this be the case, please prepare for a certain waiting time.
  • RFID Badges will track the contacts during the conference.
  • Access to the Event-Perimeter will be checked and protected.

Let‘s get you ready for startup days 2021. Download the safety checklist and find more information our English FAQs below or read the German version here.


Before the event

1. Which COVID-19 test will I receive as a participant before the event?

A COVID-19 self-test from Roche

2. When and how do I have to perform the COVID-19 self-test?

Execute the test independently and on your own responsibility, following the test instructions on 22 June 2021 - within the last 24 hours before the event starts.

3. Where will the test result be stored?

  • You scan the test result via smartphone using the app. As a participant, you will also receive a QR sticker that you must stick to the test before reading the code.

4. Which app do I need to download to scan the test result?

5. What will I receive from the organiser before the event?

  • You will receive a COVID-19 self-test from Roche, a self-adhesive label with the QR code for the antigen test (compatible with the app), a declaration of consent and a “how to” information text.

6. What do I have to bring to the event?

  • Your identity card
  • Your event ticket on the SUD app or printed out on paper (your registration confirmation)
  • Your negative COVID-19 self-test scanned on the app or alternatively a Swiss Corona certificate of a PCR test that is not older than 72 hours.
  • The signed declaration of consent

7. How does the COVID-19 self-test work at home? What steps do I need to take?

  • Download the app on your smartphone.
  • Take the COVID-19 self-test at your own responsibility within 24 hours before the event starts, on 22 June 2021.
  • Stick the QR sticker on your test result and scan it with the app. Alternatively, you can have your Swiss Corona certificate of a PCR test that is not older than 72 hours ready and show it at the check-in.

8. What do I need to do with the self-adhesive label with the QR code for the COVID-19 self-test?

You stick the self-adhesive label on the Corona Test before scanning the QR code.

9. What happens if my COVID-19 self-test is positive?

  • According to the guidelines of the FOPH (BAG), the following procedure applies:
  • The positive result of the rapid test initially only triggers the suspicion that you have been infected with the corona virus. Have the test result confirmed with a PCR test by a doctor, in a test centre or in a pharmacy.
  • Stay at home until the test result is known.
  • If the result of the PCR test is positive, all precautionary measures of the Canton of Bern and isolation apply.
  • If the result of the PCR test is negative, nothing stands in the way of your participation.

10. Will I get my money back if I test positive for Corona through a PCR test before the startup days?

We will refund your ticket price. Write an email to our customer service with the following information: Last name, first name, participant number, location and date of the positive PCR test. We will check your case and contact you as soon as possible. E-mail to

11. Why do I need a negative COVID-19 test if I have recovered or been vaccinated twice?

  • We are a COVID-19 pilot project with 600 participants. In order to ensure the greatest safety for all participants and to provide additional relief from the measures, all participants must test negative.
  • During the event, participants can eat and drink (finger food) standing up. For this purpose, participants can continue to move freely from room to room. This is an important component of our event concept to support efficient networking.
  • Outdoors, but within the event perimeter that we monitor and control, participants can also take off their masks.
  • The negative COVID-19 self-test is also necessary until all persons have been vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19. Furthermore, it has not yet been conclusively clarified whether vaccinated persons can pass on viruses to unvaccinated or recovered persons without falling ill themselves. Therefore, as a COVID-19 pilot project, we rely on negative tests for everyone without exceptions (read more about it from FOPH (dt. BAG)).

12. What rules do I have to follow for my journey to the startup days?

  • If you are travelling alone by car, you do not need to wear a mask.
  • If you arrive by public transport, please wear a mask according to official regulations.
  • Once you arrive at the Kursaal, you must wear a mask for the entire duration of your stay.

13. What kind of mask do I have to wear during the conference?

Any type of mask that is required to be worn on public transport is acceptable.

14. What should I do if I did not receive a COVID-19 self-test before the event or when I forgot to test myself?

  • Come to the Kursaal and receive a COVID-19 antigen test and temperature check. The antigen test (nasofaringeal swab) is performed by medically trained staff. Please note: If several people arrive at the same time without a QR code or certificate of negative test result, there may be waiting times here. Please arrive earlier in this case, to allow extra time for the needed testing.
  • This process will cause waiting times, so please arrive at the Kursaal with a negative COVID-19 self-test or Swiss Corona certificate.

15. I forgot my smartphone and cannot show my test result at the entrance control. What now?

  • Arrive at the Kursaal and receive another COVID-19 antigen test and temperature check. The antigen test (nasofaringeal swab) is performed by medically trained staff. You will receive your test result within minutes. Please note: If several people arrive at the same time without a QR code or certificate of the negative test result, there may be a waiting time. Please arrive earlier in this case, to allow extra time for the needed testing.
  • Alternatively, you can present a Swiss Corona certificate on paper or your mobile phone.

16. I have the new Swiss Corona Certificate, can I also use it to gain access to startup days?

If your Swiss Corona Certificate was issued for a PCR test that is not older than 72 hours, you have also provided the necessary proof for a valid negative test and are of course admitted to the event.

During #SUD21

17. Where is the entrance for tested & untested?

For all, the entrance is on Schänzlistrasse. Please follow all further instructions on-site.

18. Should I expect waiting times?

  • The saftey check-In as well as the testing process for the untested take a lot of time. Therefore, we ask all participants to complete their COVID-19 self-test before arriving at the event and to scan it with the app.
  • Due to the required entry process, waiting times at the entrance must be expected. Please arrive well in time.

19. What are the rules and safety measures during the event?

  • At the beginning we carry out a safety check-in: We will take your temperature, scan your COVID-19 test result, check your ID card and take your declaration of consent.
  • During the event, all attendees will wear a mask, except during eating/drinking or outside.

20. May I take off my mask during eating and drinking?

Eating and drinking are possible while standing. The mask can be taken off for this purpose. The mask can also be taken off in the outdoor area.

21. Will the rooms of the event area be ventilated?

The arena (large hall) is ventilated by a system with ionised air. All rooms are connected to a ventilation system and the air is monitored with a CO2 measurement.

22. How will my contacts be tracked?

Tracking of contacts during the event will be done by RFID badges, for which you have given your consent at the beginning (privacy policy will be given at the reception).

23. What are the advantages of the RFID system?

  • The RFID is a device-independent system. This means that the mobile phones and thus their batteries are not burdened.
  • Movement data is only recorded within the event perimeter and stored anonymously.
  • Thanks to this movement data, not all persons who attended the startup days would have to go into quarantine after the event, even in the case of a COVID-19 illness of a participant. The group of people affected could thus be narrowed down considerably.

After #SUD21

24. Will I get another COVID-19 test after the event?

No further testing is necessary after the event, unless you develop COVID-19 symptoms. In that case, we ask you to isolate yourself, to carry out a self-test on your own responsibility and, if the result is positive, to carry out a PCR test and to act in accordance with the instructions of the FOPH (dt. BAG).

25. What happens if I develop COVID-19 symptoms after the event and test positive?

  • Isolate yourself. Follow the instructions of your doctor.
  • Scan your test result using the app.
  • We will be notified by the Canton’s tracking team so that we can initiate a data trace based on the RFID tracing. This way we can track who you had contact with and for how long. Only persons who have been in contact with the person tested positive for more than 15 minutes at a distance of less than 1.5 m must have a PCR test carried out as soon as possible by a doctor, in a test centre or in a pharmacy. Further procedure according to the then valid instructions of the FOPH (dt. BAG) or the various cantonal doctors.

26. How is data protection ensured?

Data protection is guaranteed at all times. The RFID system only records anonymised data; for this purpose, each participant is assigned a number. The anonymised movement data and the data with the names are stored on separate systems. Only in the case that a follow-up after a positive Corona test should become necessary, the organisers will combine the data to find out who was in the vicinity of the positively tested person and for how long. All data will be deleted after two weeks.