Pitching Battle

As in previous years the pitching battle is taking place. 50 impressive and inspiring startups out of the following five verticals pitch live on stage. The well chosen jury evaluates the pitches.

Autonomous Systems

Logo Dpenent
Logo isochronic
Logo bionomous
Logo ctechnology
Logo Capskin
Logo incon.ai
Logo MicroR systems
Logo Preedrom
Logo Moost
Logo Pick & Ship


Logo Cerchia
Logo CYqant
Logo Jurata
Logo fidectus
Logo Kaspar&
Logo Kapsly
Logo Motionscloud
Logo SmartPurse
Logo Velia


Logo evismo
Logo anavo medical
Logo Alithea
Logo BactoKind
Logo CustomSurg
Logo Dorygo
Logo Kove
Logo dbi
Logo Pipra
Logo scaliyte
Logo Terapet
Logo tissuelabs


Logo 2four1
Logo CollechtID
Logo Job.rocks
Logo matchspace
Logo TAYO – Software
Logo vocab
Logo tune insight
Logo wetipt
Logo smeetz

Sustainable Technologies

Logo Bioom
Logo Brü AG
Logo hilyte
Logo Plesant Plants
Logo SmartBreed
Logo Unisers
Logo the very food co.
Logo Wegaw
Logo Impossible Materials
Logo Swistor

The Jury

The Prize for the Winners and Runner-Ups

At the end of the event, the audience picks one winner and one runner-up of each vertical. Each pitching battle winner gets CHF 5.000 to attend any future event and a Breitling Endurance Pro watch.

The runner-ups receive the following consulting prize sponsored by our partners:

  • Autonomous Systems: 10 hours of legal consulting by Walder Wyss
  • Healthtech: 10 hours of strategic consulting by Zühlke Ventures
  • Sustainable Tech: 10 hours of legal consulting by Kellerhals Carrard
  • Fintech: 10 hours of legal consulting by Wenger & Vieli
  • Services: 10 hours of software consulting by IBM

Thanks to our partner Gebert Rüf Stiftung for sponsoring the winner prize of CHF 25.000 in total. Our thanks also go to Breitling Switzerland for sponsoring the watches and our partners providing the runner-up prize.