The SwissEF UpScaler Program

The Swiss Entrepreneurs Foundation (SwissEF) opens its doors for three startups to participate in the abbreviated 360°-analysis of the UpScaler Program.

The SwissEF UpScaler program supports companies in accelerating their international growth and thereby making the commercialization of innovative technologies more successful. During the first phase of the program, experienced experts conduct a 360°-analysis to determine the decisive growth factors of the startups. On startup days three companies have the chance to participate in that exclusive session. It will be held behind closed doors. If the startups have successfully completed the analysis, they will be accepted into the UpScaler program. Read more about the benefits and the program phases in the PDF.

Additionally, SwissEF executes an UpScaler learning session with one startup live on stage to give all participants a feel for how a 360°-analysis works.

Apply to participate in the UpScaler Program

We’re looking for three companies who want to attend the abbreviated 360°-analysis behind closed doors at #SUD21.

To be considered for the UpScaler Program your company has to fulfil the following three conditions:

1. More than CHF 500k revenue
2. At least 10 employees
3. More than 20% annual growth

Fill in the form to enter the prequalification. The application window ends on May 10th, 2021. After signing up, the startup days team will forward your contact details to the SwissEF UpScaler team. They will then take over further communication for the selection process.